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Waldensians is a side quest in Kingdom Come: Deliverance. The Bailiff of Rattay has heard a rumour about a Vicar being in town, and advises Henry to speak to Sir Hanush about it.


Uzhitz has an uninvited guest - the Archbishop’s Vicar. He claims to be here to hunt down a group of heretics in the area. But Sir Hanush is of a different opinion. He thinks the Vicar has come here in order to snoop, and wants to see him off back to Prague.


  • Get rid of the Vicar
    • Quest Marker ATalk to the Vicar
    • Find out from the Vicar how you can help him
    • Find the Waldensian congregation.
    • Quest Marker AFind out who owns the wooden cross from the assembly place.
    • Quest Marker BAsk Father Godwin who the cross belongs to.
      • Quest Marker A(Optional) The Bauer farm is suspected. Report it to the Vicar
      • Quest Marker BSneak onto the Bauer property and eavesdrop on their evening prayer.
        • Quest Marker APass the message to the Vicar
        • Quest Marker B(Optional) Talk to Father Godwin
          • Persuade the Bauers to flee.
            • (E) Pass the message to the Vicar
            • Quest Marker A Kill the Vicar
            • Quest Marker AGive word to Sir Hanush


Henry should go to speak to Sir Hanush, who is unhappy that the Archbishop Zbignev Hare's Vicar is in Uzhitz, looking for heretics. Such an inquiry is sure to result in only trouble - not that Sir Hanush is concerned about heretics. He's more worried that the Archbishop will use the absence of the king to get his hands on Hanush's estates. If Henry can convince the Vicar that there is nothing in the area to worry about, he'll head home to Prague. And should there be actual heretics, Henry should take care of them - not the Vicar.

Head to Uzhitz, where the Vicar and his two guards are staying at Father Godwin's house. Henry can talk to him about how he can help track down the Waldensians, and he will give you the Heretic's testimony, containing a long riddle that describes the path to the meeting place of the Waldensians. However, he is less inclined to explain why these heretics are so dangerous.

Reading the testimony allows you to decipher the directions.

  1. Start at the Inn in Uzhitz.
  2. Take a right to go past the church, heading East out of the village until you meet a fork in the road with a Shrine on your left.
  3. Follow that road that leads north-east.
  4. You will go past three beehives on your right, an 'Interesting site' (a half crumbled stone wall), and a road that veers off to the right - keep walking and go left.
  5. You will pass through a small grove of trees, and shortly after a dirt path going left, follow this to go past the "straw guards" and into the grove, which is the secret meeting place.

There is a wooden cross placed on one of the log stools - pick it up. Go back to Uzhitz and talk to the first villager you see - they will advise you to take the cross to Father Godwin, who blesses all the crosses. Godwin is hesitant to identify the owner, as he thinks that Henry is working for the Vicar, and he doesn't want any of his flock burnt at the stake. Henry assures him that he is only trying to get the Vicar out of the region, and Godwin eventually caves and identifies the cross as belonging to the Bauers. The Bauers are new to Uzhitz, and are described as keeping mostly to themselves - going to mass but never staying long and not attending any local events. However, Father Godwin describes them as the most charitable people in the village.

Father Godwin and Henry agree that it would be better for all involved if they did some investigation into the so-called heretics. Ride out of town to the Bauer estate and climb up the ladder to gain access to the attic. There, Henry will overhear the family say their prayers, and discuss their fear that the Vicar is onto them. Mistress Bauer is resolved to stay and die for her faith - her husband decides to stay with her, although they advise the others to leave.

At this point, Henry can either go to the Vicar, or go to Father Godwin. The Vicar will give Henry 425 Prague Groschen and praise him for finding the heretics, who will be immediately arrested and interrogated. Hanush however, is pleased that the Vicar is out of the region, although he is surprised about the presence of actual heretics, paying Henry 375 Prague Groschen and giving him St. Michael's Sword. There's not much point going to Father Godwin - as he points out, they're unlikely to listen to a priest.

If you aren't interested in doing the Vicar's bidding, go straight to Mistress Bauer herself and convince her to flee.

  • I know how awful it feel to turn and run. I did it once myself (sic). [SUCCESS] If successful, Henry can convince her that if she lives, she can go on to spread her faith, whereas if she dies, it may die with her.
  • You wont be the only one to suffer for your choice. [FAIL] Henry can try to convince Mistress Bauer that if she gives in, the Vicar will be sure to turn on the other people in Uzhitz for their sins. If unsuccessful, she will point out the Vicar is fanning the flames, and not her.
  • God gives you the change to escape. [SUCCESS] Henry will point out that the people of Uzhitz barely know her, and when questioned by the Vicar, they naturally would have pointed the finger of suspicion at her. Perhaps it is God's will that has given her so much time, time to run away?
  • What about your husband? [SUCCESS] Mistress Bauer defensively argues that he is choosing to stay with her, just like she would choose to stay with him.

Mistress Bauer's Stats

Speech Charisma Strength Henry
12 16 3 Note: Speech options only
If you think you might fail, speak to Master Bauer, who sadly states the only thing he can think that will save them is if something unfortunate happens to the Vicar. Curiously, pointing out that the people of Uzhitz are likely to become his targets works on Farmer Bauer, but does not appear to work on his wife. In any case, go back to Uzhitz and murder the Vicar - be careful of his two bodyguards. Hanush will not be pleased at this outcome, and there will be no reward.

If convinced, Mistress Bauer will hesitantly state she wont lie if questioned - to which the most sensible solution is to leave before anyone asks her any questions. Henry then needs to go to the Vicar to tell him that the Bauers have fled, but the Vicar simply responds that he will keep searching for them. Go back to Hanush - but don't tell him you tipped off the Bauers, or he'll become enraged, and you wont get your reward (375 Prague Groschen and St. Michael's Sword.)