The Conquest of Kuttenberg is an events codex entry in Kingdom Come: Deliverance.

Codex Entry

In December 1402, during Wenceslas' imprisonment in Vienna, Sigismund attacked Kuttenberg and by the beginning of the following year seized and ransacked the town. Kuttenberg was loyal to the King and staunchly defended by its miners. When they finally surrendered, they were force-marched to Sigismund 's encampment near Kolin and made to kneel before him in the mud in subjugation. In addition, they had to pay huge sums of money in reparation, even though the town and its environs had been pillaged by Hungarian soldiers.

The treasury in Kuttenberg held not only coins, but also precious jewels, gold and silver. Wenceslas later estimated the wealth seized by Sigismund to be worth one million in gold ducats of the day.