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Talmberg, also known as Talmberk, was a settlement situated in Bohemia.


During the events of Kingdom Come: Deliverance the city was administered by Sir Divish, his wife Lady Stephanie, and by the captain of the local garrison, Sir Robard.

After the attack on Skalitz in 1403, Henry flees to Talmberg to warn them of the oncoming army. Sir Divish brings his people inside the walls of the castle and prepares for an attack. That evening, Sir Radzig passes by, having escaped the castle of Skalitz in order to seek refuge in Rattay. However, he declines Divish's offer of sanctuary, pointing out that he would be putting them all at risk if the army pursued them.

The next morning, King Sigismund and his loyal general Markvart von Auliz brought their mercenaries to Talmberg. After a tense standoff with Markvart, Divish is able to convince them that Sir Radzig is not there, and they move on.

Some time later, Henry once again rides to Talmberg to request Divish's assistance - they have found the location of the bandit army and are preparing for an immediate attack. Leaving only a small retinue in Talmberg, Divish rides out.

They attack the bandit camp that very night, but are puzzled to find it nearly abandoned. After finding a letter and interrogating one of the bandits, Divish realizes with horror that they have walked into a trap, and the bandit leader has taken the bulk of his army to Talmberg, where he is able to infiltrate it by pretending to be a wounded traveler, murder the guards, and seize control of the castle.

Codex Entry

This castle was built on a rocky promontory at the beginning of the 14th century either by Ernst (ArnoQ) of Kaunitz, or Hroznata of Uzhitz. For more than two hundred years the castle was the seat of the Lords of Uzhitz, who were later renamed after their residence - the Lords of Talmberg. In 1390, the castle came into the possession of Divish (Diva ) of Talmberg. The same year, it was seized by Havel Medek of Valdek, who took Divish prisoner. Medek did not release Divish until 1397, when he was forced to do so by a decision of the provincial court. Only a ruin now remains of the castle in the midst of residential development.


Known Inhabitants