Lady Stephanie of Talmberg was the wife of Sir Divish.


Stephanie was married to Lord Divish when she was 18 years old, arranged by her father. Although he was kind to her, they had only been shortly married before he was captured by Havel Medek of Valdek, who imprisoned Divish and occupied Talmberg. Stephanie appealed to the king, but he did not interfere. It took seven years for Stephanie to raise the ransom and be reunited with her husband.

By that point, he was old and frail, and even five years later, the two have not succeeded in having a child. Now thirty, Stephanie is concerned that she will never be able to give him an heir, which causes her a great deal of grief.

In the mission, At Your Service, My Lady, Stephanie asks Henry to collect three items she has ordered for her cousin's wedding. Once these items have been retrieved, Stephanie will offer Henry a very fine and valuable shirt, telling him that if he leaves, she would like him to have something to remember her by. Henry protests that he could never forget her, and she asks him to try the shirt on, assuring him that Divish will not come in - implying their relationship no longer involves intimacy.

If Henry turns down the gift, he will complete the quest and go on his way. However, if he accepts and puts it on, she will tell him about how happy she was as a child, surrounded by merriness and joy. Now she is lonely and sad, and has suffered two miscarriages, leading her to fear that she is barren. She bursts into tears, and Henry tries to comfort her with a hug, then kisses her. When he steps back, apologizing for being too familiar, she says "I don't mind", and the two make love.

During the quest The Sport of Kings, Henry can ask Stephanie to wish him luck in the upcoming race.


Speech Charisma Strength
2 5 8




  • Although Stephanie remarks that she and Divish have no children, and suffered two miscarriages in the five years since he was released from prison, we know from the Codex that in 1418 (15 years after the events of the game), Divish's son Oldřich took over governing Talmberg, meaning that (in-game), he would have to be conceived relatively soon to be of an age to do so. Given that sleeping with Stephanie is an option, this may be a subtle hint that Henry is the father of Oldřich. Although as the Codex also names two other sons, Vilém and Mikuláš, this seems unlikely.