Scavenger is a side quest in Kingdom Come: Deliverance. [Who starts and where].


There's talk that there's still treasure to be found in Skalitz...


  • Quest Marker A
  • Quest Marker B
  • Quest Marker C
  • Find the treasure under the dove-cote.


Scavenger help map

The location of the correct dove-cote.

Talk to Kunesh in Rattay to hear a rumor about someone hiding their treasure under a dove-cot (a building for raising birds such as pigeons or doves). The treasure belongs to Beran.

You will need a spade as the area requires digging. Return to Skalitz and follow the map marker to find the dovecot, then start digging.

There, you will find Beran has buried 50 Prague Groschen and an expensive cup, which is worth 200 Prague Groschen.