Saviour Schnapps is a type of potion in Kingdom Come: Deliverance, which can be prepared at an Alchemist's bench.

This item is required to save a player's gameplay at a point that is not done automatically by the game. The player can either consume the item to save the game, or save the game from the pause menu, which will consume the item.

Recipe Description

Whoever drinks this potion shall save his game and his soul, and though he should succumb to death, even shall he return to life.

 Potion Description (Effects) 

A liquor of exotic fragrance. Drinking it is an experience that can't be forgotten.





  1. Pour wine into cauldron
  2. Grind the belladonna and leave in the dish
  3. Add the nettles to the cauldron
  4. Use the bellows to bring the cauldron to a boil
  5. Use the sandglass to wait two turns
  6. Add the dish of belladonna to the cauldron
  7. Use the bellows to bring the cauldron to a boil
  8. Use the sandglass to wait one turn
  9. Use the phial to collection the potion