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Runt was a bandit and one of the main antagonists in Kingdom Come: Deliverance.


In 1403, Runt and his gang headed toward Silver Skalitz, which had just attacked by a Cuman army led by King Sigismund of Luxembourg and Markvart von Auliz.

While they were looting the corpses and searching the ruins of the smoldering houses in the village, Zbyshek came to warn them that they had company - Henry had returned to Skalitz to find and bury his parents. Runt, seeing the beautiful sword Henry carried, demanded he give it up, telling the blacksmith he will kill him otherwise. Since this sword, forged for Sir Radzig, was the last memory of his father, Henry withdrew it from the scabbard and battled Runt.

However, Runt was an impossibly skilled skirmisher and took him to the ground with a single well placed swing. With Henry on the ground bleeding out, Runt picked the sword from the mud and, after admiring it for a moment, held the point to Henry's chest for the sword's "maiden bloodletting". A split second before the blade came down, Theresa, Sir Robard and two others knights from Talmberg, arrived in Skalitz and drove the bandits off, saving Henry and killing three of Runt's men. Unfortunately Runt and Zbyshek, along with the remaining members of the gang, managed to escape with Henry's sword.

Some weeks later, Neuhof, a stud-farm owned by Sir Hanusch of Rattay and administered by one of his vassals, Smil and his wife Zora, was raided, and many of their people and best horses are killed. Some witnesses described the leader of the gang as a huge man in black armor, and Henry instantly recognized the description as Runt. Sir Hanush sent a unit led by Captain Bernard to investigate. Henry, hoping to kill Runt and regain his lost sword, joined them.

Henry was right: the stables of Neuhof were raided by Runt and his men, who took shelter in the abandoned village of Pribyslavitz after the assault. Radzig Kobyla and Sir Robard led a battle against the bandit camp. All the bandits were killed in the assault, included Runt, who was killed by Henry. Unfortunately for him, Runt didn’t have the sword of Sir Radzig on his corpse.

It turned out that Runt wasn’t the mastermind behind all these slaughters: he was indeed in the service of a Hungarian nobleman named Istvan Toth, who was hired by King Sigismund of Luxembourg to spread chaos in Bohemia. Runt indeed gave the sword of Sir Radzig to Istvan as a gift.