Sir Robard was the captain of the city guard of Talmberg in 1403, sworn to the service of Sir Divish,. He was also a Trainer, and could instruct Henry in Defence, Maces and Bludgeons, and Sword.


Speech Charisma Strength
12 12 13


After the attack on Skalitz, he was the first to speak with Henry, a young blacksmith who rode into Talmberg during Run! Robard was able to use his experience treating wounds to remove an arrow from Henry's leg, and bind it. He then escorted Henry was able to speak with Sir Divish, after which he ensured the young man was given food and a bed. Then, Robard began preparing the castle for potential attack from Sigismund's approaching army.

Early the next morning, before dawn, he woke Henry to tell him that an unknown party was approaching the city gates. Luckily, it was Sir Radzig of Skalitz, fleeing Skalitz with the other survivors. Robard was also present when Markvart von Auliz and King Sigismund of Luxembourg brought their army before the city walls, and were convinced by Sir Divish to continue on their way, saving the people of Talmberg from certain death at the hands of the Cumans.

After Henry escapes to go back to Skalitz in order to bury his family, Robard is sent to bring him back. In the nick of time, he arrives to save Henry from Runt and his gang, also inadvertently saving Theresa, who was trying to distract the murderers. Theresa takes the unconscious Henry to her uncle's mill in Rattay, and Robard goes back to Talmberg.

Some time later, Henry returns to Talmberg on the orders of Captain Bernard, to assist Robard in ridding the nearby countryside of Cuman marauders in Raiders. Robard remarks that many locals have gone after the invaders, but none have returned to claim the reward. Once Henry has successfully destroyed several of the Cuman camps, Robard will send him to see Baron Sebastian, the Custodian of Sasau Monastery, to help him with his own bandit problem.