Sir Radzig Kobyla was Lord of Skalitz and a trustworthy man of King Wenceslas IV of Bohemia.


In 1403, when his settlement is attacked and destroyed by a Cuman squad by order of King Sigismund of Hungary, he fled and took asylum in the city of Rattay. There, Lord Hanush of Leipa gave the Lower Castle of the city as a shelter for him, his soldiers and the survivors of Skalitz.

Codex entry

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Racek (in KCD Radzig) Kobyla was a Bohemian yeoman, the Royal Hetman of Wenceslas IV and, between 1410 and 1415, Burgrave of Vyšehrad. In 1403 he resided at the castle in Silber Skalitz (Stříbrná Skalice) where he oversaw the mining of silver. The king was known for his generosity to lower nobles who received high titles for their loyalty. Racek Kobyla was apparently one of these and probably the king's friend.

In 1403 Skalitz was besieged and burned to the ground by King Sigismund and his Cuman army. For his service and loyalty King Wenceslas IV permitted Racek to build his own castle at Veselí nad Sázavou. Standing on this site today is Chateau Komorní Hrádek.

He was killed in 1416 in a tavern in Kutná Hora by a mob of miners, incited by preachers a year after the burning of Jan Hus. "They seized them in the inn where they were staying, cut their bodies into pieces and threw them out onto the street, where the mob vigorously stomped on their remains and then went in merry song to the home of the preacher to be praised for the act they had been encouraged to commit.“ This occurred when Racek was there to collect taxes for the king, which is odd because six years earlier he had apparently been a robber knight and soldiers had been dispatched against him as a scourge of the land. Sources are not clear as to why he was later rehabilitated for "services to the king".