My Friend Timmy is the twelfth main quest in Kingdom Come: Deliverance. It begins automatically once you complete the quest On the Scent.


I found out from Reeky that another of the bandits who raided Neuhof is apparently hiding out in a windmill south of Merhojed.


  • Quest Marker AEnquire after Timmy at the windmill.
    • Quest Marker BTalk to Mirka behind the windmill.
      • Quest Marker A (Optional) Wait until Morcock finds Timmy, then go and get your reward.
        • () Find the bandit's camp
      • Quest Marker A Get Timmy to tell you where the other bandits are hiding.
        • Quest Marker A Report the location of the bandit camp to Sir Radzig.


After taking care of Reeky in the previous quest, Henry now has to find Timmy, the strong but stupid member of the gang. Reeky states that Timmy is probably hiding at the windmill south of Merhojed, so head there to look for him.

Once you get there, the farmworkers will confirm that Timmy has been missing for a few days, but tell you to speak to Mirka, Timmy's sister. She will ask you to meet her behind the windmill, where she will reveal that Timmy is hiding at the Kolben's farm, before running away as four dangerous looking thugs surround Henry. The leader, Morcock questions you. Henry has several options - confess that he is looking for Timmy, or deny it. Aggravating the thugs will also cause them to attack.

If you reveal you are looking for him, you can also demand money and receive 225 Prague Groschen, although Morcock doesn't reveal the location of the bandit's camp. If you take the money, Morcock will not believe that you don't know where Timmy is. If you tell them that he's at the Kolben farm or convince them he is in Rattay, the bandit will be dubious but investigate, leaving Radan to watch over you.

If you let them kill Timmy, or if you kill Timmy before they get there, Morcock will give you another 225 Prague Groschen, but if you reveal the reason you were searching was to turn the bandits over, he will attack, and you won't get any more information about the location of the camp, forcing you to look for it yourself.

However, if you let them kill Timmy, and show interest in Morcock's job offer, he will tell you the location of the bandit's lair - follow the stream north-east of Rovna in order to find it. If the bandits aren't at the Kolben farm, they have gone to the Samopesh Inn.

Alternatively, just keep denying everything, and they will leave, giving you time to go to Timmy yourself. Or attack them outright. If you beat them, head over to the Kolben farm, west of Merhojed, and speak to Timmy. Timmy will reveal the vague location of the camp, and you will need to go speak to Sir Radzig.

In any case, once you have confirmed the location of the lair (at Pribyslavitz), head to Sir Radzig's camp, just west of Merhojed. Whether Henry was able to infiltrate the bandits or just to scout the location, he will reward him with 300 Prague Groschen. Radzig will ask Henry to infiltrate the camp and sabotage it before they launch an attack, beginning Nest of Vipers.


  • You don't have to align yourself with the bandits to sneak into the camp undetected in the next quest. Do whatever you want to do to get the location of the bandit camp, then dress yourself as a Cuman (full gear) to get around undetected.