The Silver Mines of Skalitz were situated just outside the village of Silver Skalitz and, like the village, were under the administration of Sir Radzig Kobyla.


They were without a doubt the most important and rich structure in the whole Sasau Region. Nemoy was the foreman of the mines, under the direction of Master Tobias Feyfare.

After forcing the abdication of his brother, Wenceslas IV, King Sigismund of Luxembourg invaded the kingdom of Bohemia and started raiding every settlement that stayed loyal to their true king. After he conquered the city of Kuttenberg, he set his sights on Silver Skalitz, as Sir Radzig was still sending the silver to Wenceslas. Together with his loyal general Markvart von Auliz, Sigismund attacked the town and razed it to the ground.

Dozens of miners were killed in the assault, including Theresa's brother. However, many were able to escape, and either fled to the safety of the castle, to eventually make their way to the refugee camp of Rattay, or into the surrounding countryside, eventually hiding in the miner's camp west of Skalitz.