Matthias was one of Henry's friend in Silver Skalitz, along with Fritz and Matthew. It was rumored that he had feelings for Johanka.


Matthias was quite patriotic, throwing dung at the Deutsch's house after the friends overheard the Deutsch slandering the honor of King Wenceslas. However, he does not have the same reputation for trouble-making as Fritz and Matthew.

He was willing to assist his friends in beating up Kunesh as part of the quest Unexpected Visit, to force Kunesh to settle the debt with Henry's father.

During the attack of Skalitz by King Sigismund of Luxembourg, he managed to escape and fled to Merhojed to work as a stablehand.

After Henry attacked the bandit camp at Pribyslavitz, the bandits launched a counter attack against the people of Merhojed, and Matthias has his arm broken when a horse fell on him. He is able to provide Henry with some information about the raid, and also assist with Pestilence.