Masquerade is a side quest in Kingdom Come: Deliverance. Henry is tasked with finding a Cuman disguise.


Fritz and Matthew have hatched a plan, which usually means lots of fun... and lots of mischief.


  • Quest Marker A
  • Quest Marker B
  • Quest Marker C


After procuring three sets of Cuman armor and Helmet's with full face masks, he displays the armor to Matthew, Fritz, and Andrew.

Matthew and Fritz ridicule Henry when he tries on the Cuman armor. He must then seek out 4 people in order to find out what a real Cuman looks like. They all make up wild stories.

Henry must find items, described by the four people, that define what a Cuman looks like. After assembling this random stuff and putting on the outfit, Fritz says "that is what Cumans look like!" Henry then replies "Says the guy who's never seen one."

  • Black feathers (0/2) can be bought from herbalists.
  • (Optimal) Raven feathers (0/2) can be bought from herbalists.
  • Wolf´s fangs (0/1) can be  bought from huntsmen.
  • Dog skin (0/1) can stolen from a chest in Tanner's house in Talmberg or  you can hunt and skin the dog that lives next door to the Rattay Mill. Shoot the dog with a bow at night. Can also be purchased from the tanner in Ledetchko