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Martin was the local blacksmith in the village of Silver Skalitz and Henry's father.


Before moving to Skalitz, Martin was a master blacksmith in Prague, but he then left for unknown reasons. He knew Emperor Charles IV and considered him a perfect monarch, far better than either Wenceslas IV of Bohemia or Sigismund of Luxembourg.

Although his forging abilities were excellent, Martin remeined in his forge in Skalitz, founding a family and forging mostly work tools and horseshoes. In the summer of 1403, finally Martin was tasked by Sir Radzig Kobyla, his liege Lord, to craft him a new sword. Martin did a excellent work as always but unfortunately, he wasn’t able to deliver the sword to Sir Radzig: Sigismund of Luxembourg, King of Hungary and Croatia, after he made his brother Wenceslas IV abducte and took the crown for himself, he invaded Bohemia with a massive army and started defeating all the ones who remained loyal to Wenceslas; Sir Radzig was among them. Hundreds of Cumans mercenaries led by Markvart von Auliz, a trustworthy man of Sigismund, invaded Silver Skalitz and butchered all the inhabitants. Martin died by Markvart's hand while defending his family.