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I am sir Markvart von Auliz, I come in the name of Sigismund of Luxembourg, King of Hungary and Croatia, to restore order in the name of his brother, King Wenceslas IV.
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- Markvart von Auliz to Divish of Talmberg

Sir Markvart von Auliz was a German knight in the service of King Sigismund of Luxembourg who in 1403, leading a Cuman army, invaded Bohemia. He is a minor antagonist who is responsible for the sacking of Skallitz and the killing of Henry's parents in Kingdom Come: Deliverance.


After Sigismund forced his brother Wenceslas IV to abdicate, he invaded the Kingdom of Bohemia at the head of a massive army, composed mostly by mercenaries such as Cumans. One of his most trustworthy men was indeed Sir Markvart von Auliz, who led the attack on Kuttenberg.

Later, in the summer of 1403, Sigismund decided to attack the settlement of Skalitz, either because of the wealth found in the surrounding silver mines, or because the Lord of Skalitz, Sir Radzig Kobyla, allegedly remained loyal to King Wenceslas, instead of swearing fealty to Sigismund.

Once again, the attack was led by Markvart von Auliz, who, together with a Cuman cavalry squadron, broke down the gates of Skalitz and began slaughtering all the inhabitants. Among the victims of the slaughter were Henry's mother and his father, who was killed by Markvart's own hand while Henry watched in horror.

With the village destroyed, Markvart and the Cumans mercenaries approached the castle of Skalitz, where Sir Radzig and few citizens managed to take shelter. Luckily for Sir Radzig, a storm blew in, and the enemy were forced to set up camp, waiting for the storm to pass before they could begin their siege. Sir Radzig and the survivors managed to escape from the castle without alerting the enemy.

The following day, finding Skaltiz castle empty, Markvart put it to the torch and set off through the Sasau region in pursuit of Radzig. He brought the army to nearby Talmberg, where he demanded Lord Divish tell him where Radzig had fled to. Divish lied and claimed they had not seen the refugees, while knowing they had passed by and continued south to Rattay in the hope that the acting Lord there, Hanush of Leipa, could give them shelter.

Markvart did not seem to believe Divish, but recognized that he was correcting in saying that only a fool would abandon a defensible castle like Skalitz to hide in an indefensible location like Talmberg. Sigismund and Markvart ordered the army to move along, much to the relief of the people of Talmberg.

Codex entry

Markvart von Aulliz portrait

He was the Hetman or Governor of Prague, who, much like those members of the nobility disgruntled with the reign of Wenceslas IV, saw in Sigismund of Luxembourg a better potential King. Their motivation had more to do with money and power – Wenceslas offered them no prospects, while supporting Sigismund promised them a better future position in society.