The Lower Castle, also known as Pirkstein, was one of the two castles in the market town of Rattay.


In 1403 the castle was inhabited by Sir Hans Capon, his guardian and regent, Sir Hanush of Leipa, and Captain Bernard, head of the city guard.

When King Sigismund of Luxembourg attacked and razed the village of Silver Skalitz, the survivors, led by Sir Radzig Kobyla, sought shelter in Rattay. Sir Hanush (and Hans) gave the lower castle to Sir Radzig and his entourage to use as long as they wished, while the common folk had little choice but to set up a refugee camp in the dried moat.

Sir Hanush, Hans Capon and Captain Bernard relocated to the Upper Castle.


Pirkstein consisted of a three storey building, with a courtyard, tower, and tall outer wall.

On the ground floor is an armory]], pantry, and two bedrooms, with beds to sleep five guards. There is also a door to the outer wall of Rattay. The first floor has a locked door, toilet, dining room, kitchen, and bedroom, which is occupied by Tobias Feyfar. The second storey features a nicer bedroom (where Hans is kept to recuperate after The Hunt Begins), a small chapel, and a great hall that leads into a luxurious bedroom for Sir Radzig.

The tower overlooks the town and is used to house many of the Rattay guards. [Add Courtyard]. Outside the walls is a dried up moat, where the refugees have been forced to set up a camp.



There may be issues getting up the winding staircase to the second story, forcing Henry to jump in a rather undignified fashion to get up the top steps. The thing can be solved by crouching down on the stairs.