Kunesh was a inhabitant of Silver Skalitz, whose house was situated near the local pond.


After his wife left him, Kunesh turned to drink and became an alcoholic, creating conflict between himself and the other inhabitants of Skalitz. One morning in 1403, Henry went to Kunesh to collect the debt that he owed Henry's father Martin, the blacksmith of Silver Skalitz as part of the quest Unexpected Visit. Although Kunesh didn’t want to pay, in the end he agreed (or was forced) to give some of his tools (nails, hammer and axe) to Henry in order to settle his debt.

However, that same day the village was attacked by King Sigismund of Luxembourg's army. Kunesh was revealed to be a braver man than expected: he joined with the guards of Skalitz and tried to defend the northern gate from the charge of the enemy, although their efforts were not enough to stop the invading army.

The army of Sigismund destroyed the gates and immediately began slaughtering the inhabitants of Skalitz. Kunesh and few others managed to flee to the safety of the castle of Sir Radzig. The next day, the people of Skalitz took advantage of a heavy rainstorm to flee while the Cumans took shelter. They passed through Talmberg and eventually sought refuge in the city of Rattay, where they built a refugee camp in the dried moat of the Pirkstein castle.

Kunesh, along with many of the other Skalitz citizens, was forced to beg for alms from the citizens of Rattay. He can often be found begging outside the church, and will relay a rumor he heard about a large sum of coins hidden under a dovecot in Scavenger. As it turns out, the stash belongs to Beran. Henry can either forgive Kunesh the debt, or omniously remind the drunk that he still owes him.

Inventory (before Skalitz Attack)

Inventory (after Skalitz Attack)