In God's Hands is a side quest in Kingdom Come: Deliverance. According to the Innkeeper of the Sasau Wagoners' Inn, Johanka is having problems at the Monastery.

She has been taking care of the wounded from the Skalitz raid , but there are too many for her to cope with, and the condition of the infirmary are far from suitable. She enlists Henry to help her.

It also ties into the main quest storyline.


I met Johanka at the monastery, and it looks like she's having trouble...


Help with healing the sick in the monastery.

  • Quest Marker AFind father simon

(Optional) Bring some game meat to the infirmary(0/100)

  • Quest Marker BTry to get supplies from the Custodian

Help the man with the broken leg

Get healing herbs for Semek

Find bandages for Hans(0/10)

Find something to help the Insomniac sleep

  • Quest Marker C


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