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Henry, often called 'Hal', is the main protagonist in Kingdom Come: Deliverance.


Henry lived in the peaceful village of Silver Skalitz; learning to be a blacksmith from his father Martin at their forge forge, messing about with his friends: Fritz, Matthew and Matthias; and wooing Bianca, the local alemaid. He had also secretly been learning sword fighting from a local mercenary, much to his mother's disapproval.

In Unexpected Visit, Henry and his father finish making a fine new sword for their liege lord, Sir Radzig Kobyla. Henry learns his father is a skilled swordsman, and asks to be taught to fight - just in case. Henry longs to see the world and have adventures, but his father refuses, preferring he settle down with a nice girl, learn his blacksmith's trade, and keep away from trouble.

However, this peaceful life was soon to be interrupted. In 1403 a Cuman army commanded by Markvart von Auliz, one of King Sigismund's lieutenants, attacked and destroyed Silver Skalitz - revenge on Sir Radzig for continuing to send the valuable silver to King Wenceslas, Sigismund's deposed half-brother, rightful King of Bohemia.

Both of Henry's parents were killed in the attack along with hundreds of villagers. In Run! Henry managed to escape the slaughter, stealing a horse and riding to Talmberg to warn Sir Divish of the attack. During his journey, he may be able to distract some Cumans from raping Theresa, a local girl, and he is injured with a arrow through his left leg by a Cuman knight.

Once in Talmberg, his wound is treated and he is put on guard duty, as Divish and his captain of the guard, Sir Robard, are wary that Talmberg might be the next target for the approaching army. Luckily, the people of Skalitz manage to escape and are headed towards Rattay. As they pass by Talmberg, Sir Radzig is relieved to see Henry alive, and commands Divish to keep him confined in Talmberg castle, forbidding him from returning to Skalitz.

The next day, Sigismund, hot on Radzig's tail, assembles outside Talmberg, but luckily decides to move on in search of his prey, convinced by Divish that they have not seen the escaping refugees. Henry takes the opportunity to escape the castle, and heads back to Skalitz in Homecoming.

There, among the smouldering ruins of the town, he sees the bodies of many of his friends and neighbors. He also stumbles across Zbyshek, who is trying to loot the corpses. Zbyshek runs off, and Henry continues onwards, finding the bodies of Bianca, and his mother and father. Henry tearfully vows to bury them and begs their forgiveness for being a coward. However, he is interrupted by Zbyshek, who has brought with him a group of scavenging bandits, led by the powerful and brutal Runt.

Runt, taking a liking to the sword Henry carries, beats him up and is about to kill him with it, when Theresa appears, followed closely by Sir Robard and some of the Talmberg guards. They chase off the bandits and Theresa takes Henry to her Uncle Peshek's mill in Rattay, where she nurses him back to health over several weeks during Awakening.

Once recovered, Henry requests a meeting with Lord Radzig, asking to be sworn into his service, in order to learn how to fight, kill Runt and recover the sword, sparking Vengeance. Radzig is at first hesitant to make a squire from a blacksmith, but relents and orders Henry to undergo basic training with the Captain Bernard in Train Hard, Fight Easy. During this time, Henry meets Hans Capon, who will become the governor of Rattay when he comes of age, and the two strike up a rivalry.

Bernard then advises Henry to join the local watchmen on evening patrol as part of Keeping the Peace. While on duty, Henry attempts to close the local tavern, and gets into a fight with Hans, who is less than pleased to be ordered home by a commoner. The fight is interrupted by Sir Hanush, Hans' guardian, who is disgusted with the two young men. To ensure Henry learns his place and Hans learns his lesson, he orders them to go on a hunting trip together in The Prey.

While on the trip, the two men learn a bit more about each other, and both become a bit more respectful, further cemented when Hans is taken prisoner by two Cumans, and Henry is able to save him and ensure his safe return to Rattay. Having now earned the respect of the local nobility, Sir Radzig tells him that there has been a raid on the local Neuhof stud farm, and Henry agrees to accompany , the captain of the guard, to investigate in The Hunt Begins.

Once at the farm, they are horrified to learn that nearly all the horses have been slaughtered, along with many of the people. Henry investigates and confirms that the raiders came from the north, and that Runt was among them. He becomes suspicious that a stableboy named Ginger might know more than he's letting on, and begins Ginger in a Pickle after discovering he has fled the farm.

As it turns out, Ginger is innocent, but because he recognized one of the bandits, he ran away, terrified that they would come after him. Henry dispatches Ginger's pursuers, and Ginger gives him a lead - a man from Uzhitz with a limp. After some more investigation, Henry learns the limping man is called Lubosh, and heads off to Uzhitz to track him down in Mysterious Ways. However, he arrives too late, as Lubosh has been brutally murdered.

At first, Henry is dismayed, thinking he has lost his only lead, but manages to discover that Lubosh had been spending a lot of time with the local cleric, Father Godwin. Although the priest states he cannot break his vows to tell Henry what he needs to know, they agree to meet at the local tavern and try to work something out. The two discuss the corruption of the church and drink heavily into the night. The next morning, they awaken hungover and Godwin promises that if Henry performs that day's sermon, he will tell him all he knows about Lubosh. Alternatively, Henry will have the opportunity to speak with the local Bailiff. Either way, he will set off in search of his new lead - Reeky from Ledetchko.


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