Hans Capon was a young Bohemian nobleman and the heir of the market-town of Rattay. Because in 1403, he was still too young to reign, the town was administered by Sir Hanush of Leipa, his distant relative (who he refers to as his "uncle"). His father, Henry of Leipa, who ruled Rattay from at least 1390, died before the events of the game, and his mother lives in Polna.


Speech Charisma Strength
0 13 13

The above was noted during Next to Godliness, when Hans was quite drunk. It may be that his speech is generally higher.


As the rightful lord of Rattay, his privileged upbringing had made Hans spoiled and arrogant. Sir Hanush is furious at his ward's immaturity, and often tries to encourage him to take a more active role in ruling his city. However, Hans is more interested in drinking, whoring and hunting. He does not appear to be particularly religious, complaining when the Parish Priest reads him sermons.

During the quest Keeping the Peace, Henry was ordered to ring the town bell and close the taverns. Unfortunately, this meant telling the young Lord to go home. Hans took a very dim view from being ordered around by a commoner, and the two ended up in a brawl, interrupted by Sir Hanush. He was outraged at both young men - at Henry for speaking out against a noble, and at Hans for setting a poor example to his people - and decided they are to both go on a hunting trip together, beginning The Prey.

At dawn, Henry and Hans travel to Talmberg woods, a trip that takes almost the full day. Hans, in a show of power, first forces Henry to jog alongside his horse, then orders him to fetch bacon and wine from the saddlebags. That evening, the two men talk before turning in for the night.

The next day, Hans bet 35 Prague Groschen that he would be able to shoot more hares than Henry before midday. After that, the two head off to hunt a boar. But as Henry tries to point out, boars need to be hunted with spears, and Hans' arrows only wound the beast, causing it to flee with Hans in hot pursuit, on horseback, with Henry running behind. The two are quickly separated, and by the time Henry finds the young lord, he has been beaten and tied up by two Cumans, who Henry quickly dispatches, and they return to Rattay.

There, Henry is accepted into Sir Radzig's service as reward for saving the nobleman, and Hans is ordered to his bed to recover. After this event, Hans treats Henry with more respect, and playfully teases him about his lack of status, rather than cruelly mocking him.

Some time later, Henry went to check on Hans, who declared he was fully recovered (despite looking quite battered) but desperately bored. He asked Henry to accompany him to the local baths for a few days, in order to have some fun with Klara, a beautiful bathmaid, and even admitted that Henry had been right - hunting boar with a bow and arrow was not the best idea.

At the baths, in Next to Godliness, a drunken Hans first commands Henry to steal some of Sir Hanush's finest wine (not that he expected Henry to go through with it), then to go flower picking in order to get a bouquet for Klara. While Henry is gone, Klara's sweetheart Archie attempts to drown Hans, jealously believing he is sleeping with Klara. Luckily, Henry interrupts and saves Hans again, and the two continue drinking merrily. Later, Henry can convince Hans to punish Archie, or let him go.

Some time later, when Henry goes to visit Hans, he will gloomily reveal that Hanush has requested their presence. Hanush will admonish the two of them for the foolish actions, reminding Hans that his people work hard to ensure he is well fed, scolding him for his ingratitude. He threatens to send Hans to his mother in Polna to be married off, if he cannot mend his ways and prove himself worthy to rule.

As it happens, Sir Bernard's is having family issues, with two of his cousins fighting each other over possession of a fortress in Robber Barons, and so Sir Hanush sends Henry and Hans to settle the dispute.




  • Generally, you cannot attack Sir Hans, but in Next to Godliness he leaves his possessions in a trunk while he's in the bath. Although it is possible to steal Hans' clothes, it seems like he spends the remainder of the game in his underclothes, which does somewhat kill the immersion.