The Deutsch was a German inhabitant of Silver Skalitz, along with his wife and son, Hans.


He was disliked by the rest of the village for his German ancestry, and especially for voicing his support of Sigismund of Luxembourg over King Wenceslas. The Deutsch appeared to be quite wealthy, wearing fine clothes and spending his day drinking and chatting with Alex and the Bailiff, which may also have contributed towards the resentment felt towards him.

In 1403, Fritz, Matthew and Matthias, overhearing Deutsch arguing for Sigismund in the tavern, decide to get revenge, and enlist the help of Henry. If Henry goes with them, it is up to him to distract Deutsch's wife before the friends throw manure at the Deutsch's house.

They are caught by Hans and his friend Zbyshek, and a fist-fight breaks out, which is interrupted by Johanka, warning the men that the catchpole was coming. The catchpole is hesitant to punish Henry when he finds out they were defending the king's honor, and his words indicate that the village views Deutsch and his family as outsiders.

When Sigismund's troops attacked Skalitz, Deutsch was seen fighting back but was killed in combat.