The Abduction of Wenceslas IV is an events codex entry in Kingdom Come: Deliverance.

Codex Entry

Wenceslas IV was a none-too-capable ruler — rather the opposite. During his reign he was abducted several times in attempts to wrest power from him. The first time, in 1394, he was taken captive in one of his residences in Beroun near Prague and taken to Wildberg Castle in Austria. The abduction was engineered by the opposing nobility, called the League of the Lords.

In 1402, Wenceslas was abducted for a second time, by his half-brother, Sigismund of Luxembourg, King of Hungary, who aspired to the Bohemian throne, with the support of the high nobility, and incarcerated in Vienna, from where he managed to flee with the help of loyal nobles, in November 1403. Srgismund had in the meantime brought in higher taxes on towns and monasteries. Any towns that refused to submit, he conquered and ransacked. The conflict grew into a protracted civil war, which did not abate even after the death of Wenceslas.