A Man of the Cloth is a side quest in Kingdom Come: Deliverance. In Samopesh, the Innkeeper tells Henry that a surviving villager from Rovna recently passed through, talking about how he was going to rebuild.


The hamlet of Rovna is deserted - that is, but for one sole farmer. The others were either killed by Sigismund's marauders or fled to Rattay. St James' Church is also abandoned, and until they have a spiritual shepherd to reassure them, the surviving villagers wont be returning.


  • Quest Marker AFind Father Simon.
  • Quest Marker B (Optional) Find the Skalitz priest.
  • Quest Marker C(Optional) Talk to the family of Father Simon´s housekeeper.
    • Go to the cross.
      • Look around the area. Simon could well be hiding somewhere nearby.
        • Rescue Father Simon.
          • Talk to Father Simon.
            • Go to Rovna and report what happened.


When Henry finds the surviving villager, speaks with him and the villager tells that all Rovna inhabitants would return only with a spiritual guide. So, since Rovna church is without a priest, Henry has to find one. The villager tells also the story of the previous priest, Father Simon. He was in love with his maidservant Mary, and after leaving her pregnant, she died of childbirth with the baby. So, Father Simon went as an hermit (somebody says) in the forest at West of Silver Skalitz. Henry founds that Mary's parents are living in a house in the North of Skalitz, so goes to ask them where Simon can be. If Henry asks Mary's Father, he will say nothing, because he wants not to remember what happened with his daughter. But the mother will say all the story and will also say where Simon could be. She says about a cross done for Mary, and Henry, got the informations, goes to the cross, in the West of Skalitz. When Henry founds the cross, he observes that there are fresh flowers, so Simon must be somewhere. When he goes in the area, Henry founds two tramps with holding Father Simon with them. Henry can beat them by force or by words. When the two tramps are done, it remain just to talk with Simon, who'll ask why Henry saved him. Henry has just to say that he's needed in the Rovna church, St. James, and after some discussions he will return and live in the hut near the church. Henry says to the villager that Father Simon is returned in St. James.


  • Speak to the wife living in the farm. And you´ll find out that the memorial cross for her daughter always have a bouquet of fresh Comfrey.
  • Go to the cross and then search the area, a tip is to follow the creek upstream!
  • Father Simon is a captive of two tramps, either persuade them to leave or knock them out but don't kill them.
  • Talk to Father Simon and persuade him to go back to St. James.
  • Speak to the villager in Rovna and either accept the reward or decline it and the quest is completed.