...Is a Friend Indeed is a side quest in Kingdom Come: Deliverance. Henry assists his friends Fritz and Matthew at their job after they have a spat with their boss.


I got Fritz and Matthew a new job at a mill. Now it's time to find out how they're getting on.


  • Quest Marker A
  • Quest Marker B
  • Quest Marker C


When dealing with the crook, Henry has the following options


  • Henry can provoke Thomas, and either meet him to fight 3-on-3 later that evening or goad him into an immediate fight.


  • Henry can convince Thomas to give Fritz and Henry a few extra Groschen when the job is done, so long as they do their job well, stay away from Jane, and leave once the work is completed.
  • Alternatively, Henry can talk to Thomas about a message from "The Wren"


  • Pick-pocketing Thomas will reveal he has a suspicious scarf in his pocket. Henry can either give it to Jane, who will confront Thomas about it, causing him to flee the mill, or Henry can show it to Thomas. Thomas will demand to know what Henry plans to do
    • Henry can blackmail Thomas for 45 Prague Groschen or even 85 Prague Groschen, and if he wants, tell him that he's going to turn him in anyway. Jane will not be pleased that you told Thomas before her, but Thomas will leave the mill regardless.
    • Henry can demand Thomas leave the mill forever.

After you help them you can find them in the Inn in the Glade where Matthew has a reward for you because he stole a Ring and sold it to Andrew, the owner of the inn.


  • This quest is time critical and will fail after a few days (less than a week).